Daftar Ebook dan Jurnal International (Free Download)



  1. Literatur Fuzzy Database
  2. Fuzzy Database Studi Kasus
  3. Advanced Fuzzy Temporal
  4. Fuzzy Query Based
  5. SPK Indonesia Version
  6. Pemilihan Minat SMK
  7. Pemilihan Jalur Minat Mahasiswa
  8. Fuzzy with Customer Satisfaction
  9. Fuzzy With Relationa Database
  10. Fuzzy Gaps Servequal Analysis
  11. Fuzzy Servequal and Fuzzy MADM


  1. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=268 (UML In Practice)
  2. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=267 (Analysis with UML)
  3. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=264 (Codeigniter by Wrox)
  4. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=252 (Codeigniter Indonesian Version)
  5. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=269 (Elements of UML)
  6. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=270 (UML and OOP Practice)
  7. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=251 (Creating Blog with CI)
  8. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=250 (Microsite Manager with CI)
  9. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=220 (Fuzzy Database with XML)
  10. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=219 (Fuzzy Database)
  11. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=217 (XP Explained)
  12. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=216 (XP Explorade)
  13. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=213 (Sys. Analysis dan Design v2)
  14. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=212 (Scrum dan XP Indonesian Version)
  15. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=600 (Metodologi Sistem Informasi Indonesian Version)
  16. https://horrorthecode.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=595 (Agile Modelling)




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